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My name is Chris Nutley and I have been teaching Tai Chi for over 5 years and run over 15 classes a week in person in Herts and Bedfordshire and through my online school.  


I have trained in Tai Chi Chuan, Xing Yi Chuan, Western Boxing, MMA and Wing Chun. As Martial Arts are a continual learning process, I still study Tai Chi and am a 7th Generation disciple of Qing Era Tai Chi Chuan and am also a 7th generation disciple of Song Style Xing Yi Chuan school under my teacher Alex Kozma.  


I have had a love for martial arts from a young age. For me, they still hold a lot of romance and I continue to find great joy in them each day I train. I often describe it as a book that gets bigger the more you read. Like any art, they can never be truly mastered, we just continue to improve the more we study. This is one of the things I find most beautiful about them. I’m continually impressed by the shear genius of these arts. To me, they are the pinnacle of what we as humans can create and I feel blessed that they are at the centre of my life.  

I enjoy the fighting aspect of the internal arts and keep a strong focus on this with my teacher. I currently teach mostly the health and cultivation parts of the practice because this is where most of my student's interest lie. Tai Chi has been proven to help strengthen muscles, bones, ligaments and tendons, to improve balance, joint health, mobility and flexibility, to help with stress, high blood pressure and arthritis, to deepen and the breath and calm and focus the mind. This is why it is used by millions in China to keep the population healthy and take the pressure from their health system. For myself I’m approaching the ‘summer’ of my life and know that by continuing to practice the health and cultivation aspects, I will be healthy, strong and clear headed into old age. 


As we all continue to be students every day, I train with Alex Kozma (a renown and published Martial Artist with over 40 years experience). He is a constant source of inspiration and guidance for me and I’m grateful to him continually for his guidance and patience. His personal practice is in Ba Gua Zhang, Xing Yi Chuan, Tai Chi Chuan and Northern Shaolin Chuan. He is also a dedicated Buddhist. 


My main focus in life now is Tai Chi Chuan and Xing Yi Chuan and how they can help me on my path of personal cultivation. I feel blessed to have found what it is that I want to do in this world and am happy that I get to teach these things along the way. 

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