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The Monkey Temple is an online resource from Three Treasures that offers offers two amazing subscription plans for Tai Chi enthusiasts of all levels.

Our ONLINE PLAN is the perfect partner for training from the comfort of your own home, during your lunch break at work or whilst on holiday. You receive access to The Monkey Temple Channel which hosts a wide range of recorded classes, Live-Stream Zoom Classes hosted across the week, a detailed Training Library and a collection of Bite Size Lessons for anyone with a busy schedule.

For those wishing to attend in-person classes in the Bedfordshire & Hertfordshire region of the UK the ULTIMATE PLAN gives you unlimited access to classes on top of all of the other great features offered in the ONLINE PLAN.

Membership to both plans also opens up a world of discounts on workshops and special training programmes as well as access to a Members Forum where you can discuss your Tai Chi journey with like-minded people.