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Foundation in Tai Chi

OVER 3 HOURS of instructional videos
Master the basics in the
EASY-TO-FOLLOW with in-depth explanations

Tai Chi Chuan is many things. It is a martial art, a detailed health practice, it is meditation, and it is cultivation. People practice it for different reasons. For most people around the world, it is used to relieve pain, increase balance, to reduce stress and to promote a long healthy life. What some aren’t aware of, is that it can strengthen and develop the ligaments, tendons, muscles and bones. It fortifies and ankers the breath and calms and focuses the mind. It’s effects on the whole body are not to be understated, if practiced properly. At its higher levels it teaches us how the combine the body, breath and mind.


In this course we will cover many subjects. All of them when practiced will give you a basic understanding of what Tai Chi Chuan is and how it effects the body. You will see that all the things we study, if practiced diligently, will continue to evolve and develop. Your training will never be the same. The Wuji you start with, will be very different from the one you practice ten years from now. It is the same with any art. It has an evolution and a depth that will grow with you.

Split Screen

In the Virtual Studio you'll get to see basic form from several angles, allowing you to perfect your posture.

Experience Strength, Conditioning & Pain-Relief
Improve Balance, Mobility & Focus
Elevate your Well-Being

Course Syllabus

  • When is the next Live Stream Class and how can I access it?
    Day : Tuesday Date: 11th June 2024 Time: 8am Please Note: Live Stream access will be available shortly before each lessons begins. We will be using ZOOM for each class, you may wish to download the app on your mobile device, tablet or computer.
  • When are the Live Stream Classes Scheduled?
    Times subject to change, remember to catch up with Replay classes at the bottom of this page! ________________________________ Monday, 6:00pm, 1 hour Tuesday, 8:00am, 1 hour Tuesday, 12:30pm, 1 hour ​________________________________
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