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What is Martial Fit?

A unique blend of Internal Martials Arts training that works with the grounded full body force of Tai Chi and the explosive power of the 5 Elements of Xing Yi. Both are Styles that dive deeply into the mind, breath and body.

Tai Chi, also known as Tai Chi Chuan and Xing Yi Chuan are Internal Martial arts styles that have a deep understanding of health and conditioning practices, fighting principles, meditation and cultivation. They have histories that go back hundreds of years and are connected to both Buddhist and Taoist thought.  

What to Expect in a Martial Fit Class.

In this class we are going to focus on the health and conditioning exercises. This will include dynamic standing postures known as Zhan Zhuang. They help to release the tension from the body, strengthen the connective tissues and link the body together. They’re also great for teaching us to quite the mind and bring it into the body. This is hard training, but it transforms the body quickly.  We will work on short forms and look at how these movements can be applied with a partner and exercises that can be done with our partners that help us to unify the body and teach us to properly apply force. Alongside this, we will practice breath work and Qi Gong exercises which teach us to combine movement, breath and the focused mind. 

What Else?
We will also look at the use of the Spear in the internal arts. This is a great tool for teaching us how to link the body together, to move from the centre as well as strengthening the connective tissues and bones. This is tough training but will create a strong and robust body using equipment  like Kettle Bells, Indian Clubs and Iron Palm bags for grip training and conditioning.  For most people practicing the Internal arts, it is all about slow soft forms, here we will dive deeper into the arts and look at the engine that drives them.  

This will be a strong class that will strengthen the body, teach you how to move properly, help to align the spine and joints, increase mobility and teach you how to apply some of the techniques and principles of both Tai Chi Chuan and Xing Yi Chuan.


Where & When.


Mondays | 7:30pm | 1 hour

The Weatherley Centre (Sullivan Room), SG18 8JH.


Wednesdays | 7:30pm | 1 hour

Hitchin Boys School, Sports Centre, Studio 2, SG5 1JB


First Class: £12 - thereafter a £45 per month subscription to The Monkey Temple Ultimate Plan which will give you unlimited access to BOTH Martial Fit classes PLUS an additional 5 Tai Chi classes and a vast range of online training content and lessons.

CLICK HERE to discover more about Monkey Temple membership and HERE to see our class time table.rst


  • The Ultimate Plan

    Every month
    Unlimited in person classes and access to The Monkey Temple
    • Unlimited in Person Tai Chi Classes run by Three Treasures
    • Unlimited in Person Martial Fit Classes
    • The Monkey Temple Channel
    • Live-Stream Classes
    • Training Library
    • Bite Size Lessons
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