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Tai Chi & Xing Yi Form & Function Workshop Replay

**OVER TWO HOURS OF WORKSHOP CONTENT** Missed the Tai Chi & Xing Yi Form & Function Workshop? or simply want to re-visit the session to refresh your memory? Don't worry we recorded everything and produced this comprehensive Replay video just for you. In this workshop we will take a look at specific forms from Tai Chi and Xing Yi and how they can be applied practically. It can very easy to study the Internal Arts and never do any partner work but this would be great mistake. Working with others gives us the opportunity to really see what is behind the techniques that we’re learning while in a safe and comfortable environment. There is a saying within Chinese Martial Arts. 80% of you practice is done alone - it’s here that you do most of the work and make most of your discoveries and realisations. 20% is done with partners - here we get the chance to test our structure, movements and theory, and to be sure that what we are doing is correct. In essence, it’s the partner work that helps use to learn very quickly. The feedback from our own bodies and from our partners is invaluable. It can also be great fun too.


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