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Taiji & Xing Yi Workshop Recorded

I had a great time this weekend teaching a workshop at The Wise Lotus Centre in Letchworth. The subject was Taiji & Xing Yi Form and Function.

We looked at ‘Six Directional Force or Peng’ and then at the four primary Jin or Forces of Taiji. (Bing – Lift and Cover, Lu – Rollback, Ji – Press and An – Pushdown/Suppress). How to create them within the body and use them on a partner. We also looked at some of the ‘Mother Fists’ of Xing Yi.

It was an enjoyable day and I’m grateful to everyone that came. I’ve said this before but it’s often far easier to train these skills with a partner. The vast majority of the study of these arts are done alone. It’s during these times that you really dive into the deeper aspects of the arts, perfect the movement patterns and start to piece the different parts of the puzzle together but it’s when we do partner work, that we really get to test the things that we are practicing. We can quickly see if things are wrong and with a keen eye, how to improve.

We also recorded this Workshop. This is very exciting! If you came, then you will have the chance to practice it again and if you missed it, you will still be able practice what we covered. Chris from #narrativecreativestudios spent the whole time recording and then went home and started editing. This will be available for purchase soon! So, keep an eye out.


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